17 November, 2019

Class X: Chapter 6 (Manufacturing Industries) Extra Questions for Practice

Q1.  Define Manufacturing.
Q2.  Define Industry.
Q3.  Mention importance of manufacturing.
Q4.  What are the different physical and human factors responsible for the industrial location?
Q5.  What is "Agglomeration Economics"?
Q6.  Draw a flow chart to define classification of industries.
Q7.  Define classification of industries on the basis of capital investment.
Q8.  Give examples (two each) of classification of industries on the basis of ownership.
Q9.  Why Maharashtra and Gujarat emerged as the hub of cotton textile industries in India?
Q10. What are the different problems faced by cotton textile industries in India?
Q11. India exports cotton goods to which all countries?
Q12. In which location jute is majorly produced?
Q13. Which country is the largest producer of jute in the world?
Q14. When the National Jute Policy was formulated?
Q15. Major sugar industries are spread across which all states?
Q16. Name the major public sector and private sector iron and steel industries in India.
Q17. What are the different challenges for Sugar industry?
Q18. Why most of the iron and steel industries are in the Chota-Nagpur plateau region?
Q19. Which city is known as the electronic capital of India?
Q20. Name the major centers of automobile industry.
Q21. Name the major manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles and two & three-wheelers in India.
Q22. Name the important centers of Information Technology and Electronics Industry in India.
Q23. What different Preventing measures can be taken to protect the environmental degradation done by the Industries in India?
Q24. Map Work:
(A) Cotton Textile Industries: Mumbai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Kanpur, Coimbatore and Madurai

(B) Iron and Steel Plants: Burnpur, Durgapur, Bokaro, Jamshedpur, Raurkela, Bhilai, Vijaynagar, Bhadravati, Vishakhapatnam and Salem

(C) Software Technology Parks: Mohali, Noida, Jaipur, Gandhinagar, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai and Thiruvanantapuram



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