Q1. How human activities have affected the depletion of flora and fauna?

Q2. What steps have been taken by the government towards conservation of wildlife? Give any 3 points.

Q3. Why forest and wildlife conservation is essential?

Q4. Why Himalayan yew trees are under great threat?

Q5. Who owns the forests and wildlife resources in India? Explain the distribution of various types of forests as classified by the Forest Management (Department).

Q6. Attempts and classification of plants and animals given by IUCN.

Q7. Analyze the various factors responsible for decline in India's biodiversity.

Q8. India has diverse flora and fauna. Explain.

Q9. Explain-
       (a) Project Tiger
       (b) Joint Forest Management
       (c) Project Rhino

Q10. Map Skills
      (a) India's Wildlife Sanctuaries
      (b) Bio-Reserves
      (c) Zoological Parks