Q1. Globally, how much amount of precipitation is received by India?

Q2. What is the total renewable water resource of India?

Q3. What is water scarcity?

Q4. "Natural recharge of groundwater has suffered because of several reasons" give reasons.

Q5. What is a multipurpose river dam project?

Q6. Write a short note on Narmada Bachao Andolan.

Q7. What is rainwater harvesting?

Q8. What is the size of tankas in Phalodi?

Q9. Describe the various usages of water.

Q10. How does the increasing population affect the availability of water?

Q11. Describe the different ways in which rainwater can be harvested?

Q12. Rainwater harvesting structure is made compulsory in which state of India?

Q13. On the map of India highlight any five major rivers and the dams constructed.