Q1. Define Manufacturing.
Q2. Which city is known as the electronic capital of India?
Q3. Name the industries classified on the basis of ownership.
Q4. When the National Jute Policy was formulated?
Q5. Write a short note on the contribution of industry to national economy?
Q6. Define Industry.
Q7. Why are the agro based industries more important in India?
Q8. Name the important centers of Information Technology and Electronics Industry in India.
Q9. What are the different physical and human factors responsible for the industrial location?
Q10. What is "Agglomeration Economics"?
Q11. What are the uses of aluminium?
Q12. Mention any four products of inorganic material (Chemical industries).
Q13. Name the industries classified on the basis of raw materials.
Q14. What do you know about the various fertilizer industry units in India?
Q15. Define the industrial system.
Q16. Name the industries classified on the basis of Bulk & Weight of Raw Material and Finished Goods.
Q17. What are the basic raw material required for the cement industry?
Q18. Which factors have contributed to a healthy growth of automobile industry in India?
Q19. What is NMCC?
Q20. Why are jute mills concentrated along the Hugli River?
Q21. Why is iron and steel industry considered as the basic industry?
Q22. Which industry in the country is known as the "self-reliant and complete in the value chain"?
Q23. Name the places where the cotton textile industries in India are located.
Q24. In which location jute is majorly produced?
Q25. How does "Least Cost Factor" plays an important role in deciding industrial location?
Q26. Name the industries classified on the basis of capital investment.
Q27. What are the different challenges for Sugar industry?
Q28. Mention importance of manufacturing.
Q29. Name the industries classified on the basis of the main role.
Q30. Major sugar industries are spread across which all states?
Q31. Highlight the process of manufacturing steel.
Q32. Name the major public sector and private sector iron and steel industries in India.
Q33. Name the major centers of automobile industry.
Q34. Name the different types of pollutions caused by industries.
Q35. Treatment of industrial effluents can be done in different phases, highlight them.
Q36. When and where the first cement industry was setup?
Q37. What steps have been by NTPC to safeguard the environment?
Q38. Where are the cotton textile industries located in India and why?
Q39. Name the different types of chemical industries in India.
Q40. Highlight the process of manufacturing in aluminum industry.